World Bank Report on Algeria: The Truth Behind the Controversy

The latest monitoring report on the economic situation in Algeria by the World Bank proved controversial. Government representatives and media outlets objected to the findings published on December 22, writes our correspondent. In the report, the World Bank depicts a gloomy situation of the economy in Algeria, which not only was hit by the pandemicContinue reading “World Bank Report on Algeria: The Truth Behind the Controversy”

Chad Is on Track for Peace Talks One Year After the Death of Idriss Déby

Almost a year after the violent death of President Idriss Déby, Chad is set to embark on a round of comprehensive talks in February that are slated to define the steps from the current transitional period to democratic elections. It is early days yet and the situation still fraught, but Déby’s son seems intent onContinue reading “Chad Is on Track for Peace Talks One Year After the Death of Idriss Déby”

Sudan: New Protests Ahead of UN-Sponsored Talks

It’s been a week since Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok resigned from his post, citing a lack of consensus in the country and amid warnings that Sudan was on the brink of disaster. So far, the military rulers have failed to come up with a successor and street protests are continuing unabated. Many names have beenContinue reading “Sudan: New Protests Ahead of UN-Sponsored Talks”

Tunisia: Ennahda’s Position of Power Is Eroding

The arrest of the vice chairman of Tunisia’s Ennahda Party has shown how perilous the position of the Islamists has become. Frozen out from parliament by the president, the former party of power now also faces a challenge from within. It may yet be early days, but it seems likely that a new grouping willContinue reading “Tunisia: Ennahda’s Position of Power Is Eroding”

Turkey Is Fighting to Contain Inflation and a Drop of the Lira

While Europe is grappling with a resurgence of the corona crisis and its adequate response, the situation at its borders is deteriorating too – Belarus, Ukraine, Libya to name but a few of the countries where important crises are ongoing. A case for particular concern though is Turkey, or so it should be, because theContinue reading “Turkey Is Fighting to Contain Inflation and a Drop of the Lira”

Tunisia: Opposition to President’s Decree Seems to Increase

When the President of Tunisia suspended the parliament in the summer, many outside observers expected that the population would take to the streets to protest. Turns out that he received a lot of acclaim for the move, but recently the concerns have been emerging, as our correspondent in Tunis writes. The country wedged between AlgeriaContinue reading “Tunisia: Opposition to President’s Decree Seems to Increase”

Tentative Steps Towards Reconciliation in Chad

As weapons do the talking in neighboring countries, Chad is embarking on negotiations that the politicians of the central African country hope will lead towards a democratic reconciliation. Our correspondent in N’Djamena gives an insight into the chances of success. When Idriss Déby, the long-time head of state of Chad, succumbed to his wounds obtainedContinue reading “Tentative Steps Towards Reconciliation in Chad”

Sudan: Months of Tension Culminate in Military Coup

The writing had been on the wall in Sudan and the events of Monday may confirm the expectations of many. But the conclusion that everybody stands to lose from the coup in Sudan is too simple. The numerous groups that are destined to benefit from the coup makes a return to civilian rule all theContinue reading “Sudan: Months of Tension Culminate in Military Coup”

Turkey and Its Central Bank: Turning Heads

When the Turkish government in mid-October removed three members of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), the reaction was somewhat predictable. After all, the writing had been on the wall. But what difference does it make to Turkish monetary policy? Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the all-powerful Turkish president, on Thursday, October 14, ousted three key members ofContinue reading “Turkey and Its Central Bank: Turning Heads”

Coup Attempt in Sudan Serves as a Reminder of the Country’s Fragility

When the news about the attempt coup d’état in Sudan broke, all fingers automatically pointed toward the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, frustrated islamists seem a likely source of taking to such drastic steps, but they are not the only ones. From what has emerged so far about the military coup attempt in Khartoum on Tuesday itContinue reading “Coup Attempt in Sudan Serves as a Reminder of the Country’s Fragility”