The Mediterranean: Yet Another Year of Challenge

With this brief overview, the PoliticsBlog is picking up the thread on events around the Mediterranean, going into a new year bound to be challenging. Many countries bordering on the Mediterranean have strong links to Russia and therefore are indirectly affected by the war in Ukraine. Withstanding any negative impact will be a test toContinue reading “The Mediterranean: Yet Another Year of Challenge”

Briberies Cloud the Upcoming Elections in Lebanon

Lebanese voters see the crippling economic crisis that has afflicted the country as a reason to hold officials accountable in the upcoming elections. They hope for change, but reality suggests that there won’t be any forthcoming, writes our correspondent in Beirut. “Electoral bribery is not new in Lebanon, and with the declining value of theContinue reading “Briberies Cloud the Upcoming Elections in Lebanon”

Not Much Progress in Tripoli

The noise emerging from Libya’s capital doesn’t bode well for the future of the war-ravaged yet oil-rich country. With factions and tribes fighting over power, the needs of normal people seem to be ignored entirely. Speaking to people in Libya about Libya is a treacherous enterprise, because you inevitably get sucked into the eternal gameContinue reading “Not Much Progress in Tripoli”

Sudan Urgently Needs a Government, Says United Nations Envoy

The United Nations envoy has spoken at length about the progress achieved in the broad consultation process in Khartoum. He also warned that there was in fact an urgent need for establishing a government to avoid an economic collapse and significant humanitarian crisis. The Security Council of the United Nations on Tuesday learned about theContinue reading “Sudan Urgently Needs a Government, Says United Nations Envoy”

Egypt Takes Precautions Against Food Price Increases

The rise in basic food prices as a consequence of the invasion of Ukraine has raised concern in countries such as Egypt, the biggest importer of wheat. The government has reacted with crisis meetings, precautionary measures to improve stockpiles and measures to counter speculation, our correspondent in Cairo writes. Ukraine is one of the biggestContinue reading “Egypt Takes Precautions Against Food Price Increases”

Egypt Is Looking for Partners to Implement Its Water Plan

Financing its generational plan for managing water resources is one of the biggest challenges currently facing the Egyptian government. It is well aware that spending on that level won’t be available out of the general budget and is therefore looking for international partners, our correspondent in Cairo writes. When it presented its strategic water plan,Continue reading “Egypt Is Looking for Partners to Implement Its Water Plan”

Pressure on Sudan’s Military Rulers to Engage in Political Process

With more than four months gone since the putsch by the military in Sudan pressure on the rulers to go back and engage in a political process is mounting. The so-called Friends of Sudan group of nations on March 3 published a statement on the UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) report. UNITAMSContinue reading “Pressure on Sudan’s Military Rulers to Engage in Political Process”

Turkey’s Role as Guardian of the Straits Is Under Scrutiny

Turkey, which covers NATO’s south-eastern European flank has been cast in a particularly difficult situation by the invasion of Ukraine given its close ties to both Kyiv and aggressor Russia, in addition to its unique geographic position. With the international campaign against the Russian aggression against Ukraine gathering pace, Turkey has a rather unique roleContinue reading “Turkey’s Role as Guardian of the Straits Is Under Scrutiny”

Egypt: How the World’s Driest Country Seeks to Safeguard Water Supply

Faced with a growing population, the threat from global warming as well as regional tensions over the distribution of Nile water, Egypt’s government has dedicated itself to a four-pronged strategy to safeguard water supply for coming decades, our correspondent in Cairo writes. It is safe to say that the biggest challenge that the government ofContinue reading “Egypt: How the World’s Driest Country Seeks to Safeguard Water Supply”

Sudan: New Protests Ahead of UN-Sponsored Talks

It’s been a week since Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok resigned from his post, citing a lack of consensus in the country and amid warnings that Sudan was on the brink of disaster. So far, the military rulers have failed to come up with a successor and street protests are continuing unabated. Many names have beenContinue reading “Sudan: New Protests Ahead of UN-Sponsored Talks”