The Mediterranean: Yet Another Year of Challenge

With this brief overview, the PoliticsBlog is picking up the thread on events around the Mediterranean, going into a new year bound to be challenging. Many countries bordering on the Mediterranean have strong links to Russia and therefore are indirectly affected by the war in Ukraine. Withstanding any negative impact will be a test toContinue reading “The Mediterranean: Yet Another Year of Challenge”

Feverish Political Debate Accompanies Tunis Turnover

Kais Saied, the president of Tunisia, at the end of March dissolved the parliament. The move did little to pacify an increasingly hostile political conflict between two bitterly opposed groups. Ten years after the revolution, this Mediterranean country seems uncertain about its future, writes our correspondent in Tunis./IN Speaking to the various political groups inContinue reading “Feverish Political Debate Accompanies Tunis Turnover”

Egypt Takes Precautions Against Food Price Increases

The rise in basic food prices as a consequence of the invasion of Ukraine has raised concern in countries such as Egypt, the biggest importer of wheat. The government has reacted with crisis meetings, precautionary measures to improve stockpiles and measures to counter speculation, our correspondent in Cairo writes. Ukraine is one of the biggestContinue reading “Egypt Takes Precautions Against Food Price Increases”

Algeria Caught Between Economic Depression and Social Discontent

The government in Algeria is caught between an expensive policy of food subsidies and a population dependent on food aid. It is trying to find a structural solution, but stumbling over the economic realities, our correspondent in the Maghreb writes. Algeria spends about 19 billion dollars on subsidies of basic commodities a year. Researchers argueContinue reading “Algeria Caught Between Economic Depression and Social Discontent”

Egypt: How the World’s Driest Country Seeks to Safeguard Water Supply

Faced with a growing population, the threat from global warming as well as regional tensions over the distribution of Nile water, Egypt’s government has dedicated itself to a four-pronged strategy to safeguard water supply for coming decades, our correspondent in Cairo writes. It is safe to say that the biggest challenge that the government ofContinue reading “Egypt: How the World’s Driest Country Seeks to Safeguard Water Supply”

Turkish Government Pursues Step by Step an Unorthodox Economic Path

Business leaders in Turkey not only face uncertainties over the growth of the economy, with the pandemic far from over. They also hope that the central bank is right in claiming that the lira will not drop much further this year after last year’s fairly dramatic plunge. When the Turkish government at the start ofContinue reading “Turkish Government Pursues Step by Step an Unorthodox Economic Path”

World Bank Report on Algeria: The Truth Behind the Controversy

The latest monitoring report on the economic situation in Algeria by the World Bank proved controversial. Government representatives and media outlets objected to the findings published on December 22, writes our correspondent. In the report, the World Bank depicts a gloomy situation of the economy in Algeria, which not only was hit by the pandemicContinue reading “World Bank Report on Algeria: The Truth Behind the Controversy”

Tunisia: Ennahda’s Position of Power Is Eroding

The arrest of the vice chairman of Tunisia’s Ennahda Party has shown how perilous the position of the Islamists has become. Frozen out from parliament by the president, the former party of power now also faces a challenge from within. It may yet be early days, but it seems likely that a new grouping willContinue reading “Tunisia: Ennahda’s Position of Power Is Eroding”

Turkey Is Fighting to Contain Inflation and a Drop of the Lira

While Europe is grappling with a resurgence of the corona crisis and its adequate response, the situation at its borders is deteriorating too – Belarus, Ukraine, Libya to name but a few of the countries where important crises are ongoing. A case for particular concern though is Turkey, or so it should be, because theContinue reading “Turkey Is Fighting to Contain Inflation and a Drop of the Lira”

Sudan: Months of Tension Culminate in Military Coup

The writing had been on the wall in Sudan and the events of Monday may confirm the expectations of many. But the conclusion that everybody stands to lose from the coup in Sudan is too simple. The numerous groups that are destined to benefit from the coup makes a return to civilian rule all theContinue reading “Sudan: Months of Tension Culminate in Military Coup”