Sudan: Months of Tension Culminate in Military Coup

The writing had been on the wall in Sudan and the events of Monday may confirm the expectations of many. But the conclusion that everybody stands to lose from the coup in Sudan is too simple. The numerous groups that are destined to benefit from the coup makes a return to civilian rule all theContinue reading “Sudan: Months of Tension Culminate in Military Coup”

Turkey and Its Central Bank: Turning Heads

When the Turkish government in mid-October removed three members of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), the reaction was somewhat predictable. After all, the writing had been on the wall. But what difference does it make to Turkish monetary policy? Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the all-powerful Turkish president, on Thursday, October 14, ousted three key members ofContinue reading “Turkey and Its Central Bank: Turning Heads”

Coup Attempt in Sudan Serves as a Reminder of the Country’s Fragility

When the news about the attempt coup d’état in Sudan broke, all fingers automatically pointed toward the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, frustrated islamists seem a likely source of taking to such drastic steps, but they are not the only ones. From what has emerged so far about the military coup attempt in Khartoum on Tuesday itContinue reading “Coup Attempt in Sudan Serves as a Reminder of the Country’s Fragility”

Talking About President Erdogan’s Health Won’t Make Much of an Impact

Turkey has seen a wave of speculation about their president’s health recently, not for the first time and presumably not for the last either. This may come as little surprise given the importance of Recep Tayyip Erdogan for Turkey – but some observers argue that the whole debate amounts to little more than idle gossip.Continue reading “Talking About President Erdogan’s Health Won’t Make Much of an Impact”

A Study of the Past for Understanding the Sudan of Today

The Economic and Political Development of the Sudanby Francis A. Lees and Hugh C. Brooks The Sudan is one of the (few) exciting cases of democratic transition and as such has featured strongly not only on the frontpages across the world but also as a key factor for international development. Testimony to which was theContinue reading “A Study of the Past for Understanding the Sudan of Today”

Sudan Investment Conference: Are the Hopes of the Democratic Government Justified?

When Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok today addresses the investment conference initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron, he can be sure of the full attention not just of the other heads of state and dignitaries, but also of the wider population in his country. With fuel and food supplies reportedly under stress and rising pricesContinue reading “Sudan Investment Conference: Are the Hopes of the Democratic Government Justified?”

Turkey and the European Union

The government of President Erdogan and the EU agree that they should talk again. A good step for sure. But will it amount to much? It is too early to say, but some observers say that both sides have lots to gain. For one politically open-minded friend in Istanbul, one thing is certain: Turkey’s advancesContinue reading “Turkey and the European Union”

Ray of Hope for New Economic Policy in Turkey

The change was rather abrupt: Recep Tayyip Erdogan exchanged his central bank governor and the finance minister both within a few days in November. Shortly after, interest rates were dramatically hiked to halt the fall of the Turkish lira. If he had planned to surprise the markets, he has succeeded, but observers still question hisContinue reading “Ray of Hope for New Economic Policy in Turkey”

Foreign Investors Feel the Pinch in Turkey

Turkish authorities in recent months have taken steps to reign in what they believe are activities that harm the Turkish economy. Global banks such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays and UBS have been sanctioned by the banking regulator and the Istanbul stock market. Observers say that the sanctions have come as a reaction to the weaknessContinue reading “Foreign Investors Feel the Pinch in Turkey”