Chad: Confrontation Between France and Russia?

The recent rumblings about a rebel leader in Chad who wants to use Russian mercenaries to get rid of the head of the transitional military council in N’Djamena has caught the attention of a wider audience wary of the developments in a region where the Western powers are challenged by old foes. The leaked transcriptContinue reading “Chad: Confrontation Between France and Russia?”

Chad Is on Track for Peace Talks One Year After the Death of Idriss Déby

Almost a year after the violent death of President Idriss Déby, Chad is set to embark on a round of comprehensive talks in February that are slated to define the steps from the current transitional period to democratic elections. It is early days yet and the situation still fraught, but Déby’s son seems intent onContinue reading “Chad Is on Track for Peace Talks One Year After the Death of Idriss Déby”

Tentative Steps Towards Reconciliation in Chad

As weapons do the talking in neighboring countries, Chad is embarking on negotiations that the politicians of the central African country hope will lead towards a democratic reconciliation. Our correspondent in N’Djamena gives an insight into the chances of success. When Idriss Déby, the long-time head of state of Chad, succumbed to his wounds obtainedContinue reading “Tentative Steps Towards Reconciliation in Chad”